Denis Chalifour, massage therapist in Montreal.

Home Treatments

Masso-Kine-Osteo a home

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Always a minimum of 2 days in advance to make an appointment with me at home.

Receiving a massage , kinésitherapy and osteopathy professional services at your home is the best way to avoid stressors.

massage a domicile (3)

Before your session, you will not have to worry about traffic jams, looking for parking and many other elements.

massage a domicile (2)

You also avoid all the urban stress that can occur following a relaxation.

massage a domicile couple

To make your massage , kinésitherapy and / or osteopathy is a moment of relaxation, well-being therapeutic and healing, I move with all the necessary equipment; table linen, anti-allergenic gel and music in the comfort of your home.

massage a domicile

To book an appointment for an at-home visit , please call or text 514.799.8767.

Please note that all housecall appointments for massotherapy, kinesitherapy and osteopathy need to be booked by telephone.

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