Denis Chalifour, massage therapist in Montreal.


Kinesitherapy takes as a starting point biomechanical and pathological knowledge of the locomotor apparatus with an aim of understanding the possible causes of the pain and the limitation of movement.


The technique consists of passive, active and opposed mobilizations, according to precise parameters and adapted to the muscular and articular assessments of each one. The technique is accompanied by a postural analysis of the person.

douleurs et tension lombaires

If you get tired of the muscular pains, backache, tendonitis, and that limits you to practice your activities, kinesitherapy can help you to prevent a wound, to correct a disorder of the posture, and to stop the pain. See what pathologies can be treated through kinesitherapy.

The therapist is using:

  • The therapeutic massage.
  • The tension release.
  • General and specific work for mobility.
  • Specific stretching exercises and reinforcement.
  • Posture analysis with 24 bony reference marks.
  • Active and passive biomechanical analysis.