Denis Chalifour, massage therapist in Montreal.

Hot stone massage


The Origins of Hot Stone Massage
Native American and Hawaiian, hot stone massage uses basalt stones of volcanic origin for their virtue and their ability to retain heat.

The heat transmitted to the body eliminates tensions due to thermal effects and balances the functions of the tissues.
The vessels dilate favoring the blood and lymphatic circulation. The heat makes it possible to relax the muscles and natural tensions of the body.
This massage is recommended to soothe stressed people who suffer from muscular tensions or chronic pain such as rheumatism and those who love heat. But contraindicated for people with significant cardiovascular problems.

What happens during a session ?
Throughout the session, hot stones (sometimes also my hands, because I can not help myself!) Will be used to massage, squeeze and knead legs, back, neck, belly face. The body relaxes, a deep relaxation settles in a soft cocoon.

The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
• Draining and detoxifying action
• Release muscle tension
• Relieves chronic pain
• Restores blood circulation and energy flow
• Promotes self-healing process
• Relieves muscle pain and spasms
• Feeling of general well-being


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